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Health Tips

Floss at least twice a day. This takes about 2 to 3 minutes of your time. And it's important to get the food lodged in between your teeth because it will cause decay and other issues.

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Dental implants are a great way to have natural looking teeth. We take you through each step of the process and it's pain free...

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General Treatments

General treatments can boost your smile by 100%! Cleanings, natural looking fillings and whitening can make you look like a million bucks in no time...

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Cosmetic Treatments

Whitening, natural looking porcelain veneers, and bridges are just a few of the cosmetic treatments we can do to dramatically improve your smile. Find out how...

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Let us get to know you and your dental needs. We're known for providing you with the very best dental treatment to suit your budget.



The most popular dentists in Agoura Hills, Oak Park and Thousand Oaks.

Drs. Kessler and Resnick have made a practice known for a warm atmosphere, comfortable procedures as well as cutting edge technology to meet a wide variety of dental services and needs. We have made a reputation by maintaining a list of loyal clients through our solid work at affordable costs. Our atmosphere has been described as pleasant for adults but fun for children. We specialize in complete oral health, implants, Invisalign, cosmetic and fast digital x-rays. Make an appointment for a consultation today.


" Dr. Kessler is the most caring and gentle dentist I've ever had. And I've had many dentists over the years. I had a phobia before I walked into his office what is now 4 years ago. From my very first dental appointment with him, I have felt secure with him and the staff. I travel from Thousand Oaks to his office in Agoura Hills and I always look forward to it. "

-- Li wook-Park

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So much is said with a smile, and we want you to love yours. Whether you want a brighter straighter smile or if you are in pain and need immediate help, we are here to take care of all of your dental needs.

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Why we should be your Dentist in Agoura Hills:

  • Affordable solutions for any dental scenario
  • Attention to comfort during dental procedures
  • Best in dental technology so you get natural looking teeth
  • Skilled dentists who care about your dental health for the long term

Kessler & Resnick: Smile Makers

It only takes a few visits before we have completely transformed a patient’s smile. One of our long-term patients didn’t think we could do much with her teeth after years of smoking. As a gift to herself for giving up the habit, she came in for a basic cleaning and whitening but she got much more.

In our state-of-the-art Agoura Hills dentist office, we changed her smile in just three visits to a radiant glow that she can’t resist showing off.

“Dr. Resnick made the entire experience very pleasant and now I look forward to the next improvement. I have never smiled so much. ” — Eleanor, Oak Park

At Kessler & Resnick, we have attracted a group of loyal patients because we never forget that you are why we are here. We have become the most popular Agoura Hills dentist office because we provide comfort, technology and work closely with our patients to maintain the ultimate in their dental health. We want the same relationship with you!
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No matter what your dental needs, we are here at Kessler & Resnick to answer any question you have.
We truly care about you and whether you are a returning patient booking your appointment or a new patient looking for information, we can’t wait to see you in our Agoura Hills office.
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We look forward to changing your smile!” — Drs. Darren Kessler and Elyse Resnick